Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tote swap

I little while ago I signed up for my very first swap. 

I joined the Secret Tote Bag Swap Hosted over here by Lia

I may have mentioned before that I am not very good with deadlines, well I have to amend that to say that I'm not very good at deadlines that I set for myself, I am better at deadlines set by other people. 

I finished making the Bag this weekend and as I have until the end of the month to post it I am a week ahead! 

I wanted to make a bag that was a useful size and yet looked pretty as well. My partners requests were quite reasonable something modern but not pink. 

I had a good rummage through my stash and pulled out these fabrics along with some linen that I had bought with the intention of making a bag but had never seemed to get around to. 

This is how it finished up.

Look at that jazzy lining!

I hope she likes it! I added a few goodies into the bag and have sent it on its way. x 


Lia*s Handmades said...

It looks fabulous. Love the colours you used! :)

Canadian Abroad said...

I love it!

Szamóca said...

I just recieved it today. And love it. A good size and I very much like the colours. And was always wondering about the wasi tape. Now I know it, though I do not know for what I could use it. thank you so much. Probably will go to the Sunday flea market and it is the perfect size for it. Eszter

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