Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Patchwork Pouches.

I usually leave the presents for the teachers to the very last day and end up getting them either wine or beer  which is not very imaginative! 
This year I am determined to get a head start and make them each a pencil case.

I wanted to go with a patchwork feel, and spent some time mulling over colors and patterns. I trawled the internet looking for the right pattern but couldn't find quite what I was looking for so in the end I cobbled together these...

My first attempt at a pouch was a bit of a disaster.
I wanted to show off my fancy zip but it ended up looking messy so I pulled it all apart and started again.
This is the after after picture.

The best tutorial I could find was this one
Anna's tutorial for her wide open mouth pouches is really easy to follow and I used her technique for getting the zip to look neat. Zips and I don't really get along every time I have used my zipper foot I have broken a needle. 

I'm quite happy with how they ended up. I actually fitted two zips without a breakage and now have two pencil cases I feel happy to give as gifts and two prototypes I can use just for me! A win win situation all round!

I'm going to put a few pretty stationary bits and some choccies in before I give them at the end of term. 


Canadian Abroad said...

I did pouches last year. What on earth do I do this year? Though wine or beer sounds like the easy option right now.

Anna said...

As an ex teacher a bottle of wine is always welcome at the end of term! My favourite presents from a family were large outdoor pots of plants they had grown themselves, I got several as I taught both daughters and they did end of term presents. The pouches will be ideal.

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