Saturday, 15 November 2014

Christmas Stockings

I have been working on writing a pattern for a Christmas Stocking using some of the beautiful Christmas fabric we have in the shop. 

I wanted to make the most of the feature prints without much wastage and so I devised the following pattern.

You will need 2 FQs of fabric, one for the main part of the stocking (Fabric A) and one for the toes & cuffs (Fabric B).
A piece of wadding measuring approximately 36” X 23”
8” of ribbon
(Optional - pom-pom trim ric-rac etc.)

Fabric A:–
Trim off the selvedge. Cut the remaining rectangle in half squaring up your fabric as you go. You should end up with 2 pieces of fabric each approximately 19” X 10.5” each.

Fabric B:
Trim off the selvedge then cut into 4 equal pieces measuring approximately 9.5” X 10.                                                             

Take one piece of fabric A and one piece of fabric B, turn  Fabric B a quarter turn then pin to the bottom of fabric A and sew using a ¼” seam this will make the toe.

Repeat, but sew Fabric B to other side of your piece of Fabric A making a mirror image. Ensure you have a pair at this point not two the same (see picture). Press the seam flat.

Baste the two stocking pieces to your wadding. You will need 2 pieces of wadding reserving each measuring 4” x 10.5”to pad the cuff of the stocking.

Quilt the 2 stocking pieces as desired then trim.

With the remaining 2 pieces of fabric B:-
Turn under the longest sides WST by ½”and press. Then fold in half WST.

Place the reserved piece of wadding at the top of your quilted stocking front then place the folded fabric over the top tucking under the fold, pin in place. Topstitch along the folded edge ensuring you catch the fold on the underside. You can at this point also add pompom trim ric-rac as desired. Repeat.

Fold your piece of ribbon in half and pin to the side of one stocking piece 2” from top. Place both the stocking pieces RST and stitch around all sides using a 1/4” seam. Remember to leave the top open for Santa to put the presents in!

You will now have a very square looking stocking. Do not fear! Still with the wrong sides facing outwards place the stocking on a flat surface and draw a curve on the toe and heel (see picture).

Once you are happy with the shape of your curve sew along the lines you have drawn. Then cut away the excess leaving ¼” allowance. You can at this point neaten all the edges of your stocking with a zig-zag stitch.

Turn though and you then have a Christmas Stocking all ready to hang up for Father Christmas. 

We have put together kits for these Christmas Stockings and we will be bringing them with us to the Knitting and Stitching show at Harrogate next week.

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