Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Two Finishes (at last) for Two Little Ladies

I seem to have been really busy chasing my tail over the last few weeks and not actually finishing anything. However I do have these two quilts to share with you which I finished a few weeks ago and sent them onto their recipients. 

I was asked back in January if I could make two small quilts for two sister's. 

I was given a brief of Minnie Mouse for one and Lego for the other and asked if their names could be included somewhere. 

As you can see from these pictures one was spot on to the brief the other less so. 

I struggled with the Lego theme. If it had been for a boy I would have had no problem and straight away gone for some Paper Pieced patterns from here. But girlie Lego I struggled with. 

I eventually gave up and went kind of down the Scrappy route with lots of 2 1/2" squares and spelt her name. 

I zig-zagged around each letter to add some definition and used my favourite Ikea fabric for the background of this one and also the backing on both quilts. 

It was only then as I was typing up this post that I realised that I had spelt Lily's name wrong. 
You Idiot!
Don't you know that Lily is spelt with one L and not 2!!

Of course I knew.
I had the name written out with one L and yet I put 2 L's in the quilt.

So I spent the evening unpicking and replacing and finally a few days later, I had a finished quilt that was at last spelt correctly. 

So there we have it.

I did say I was going to be finished for Easter but that deadline passed me by. However I have now handed them over, (only a couple of weeks late!). 

Hope you like them Isla and Lily-Ann. 


Canadian Abroad said...

Sorry, I laughed. Because that is so a mistake that I would make. The finished quilts look great though.

heart of charnwood said...

They look fantastic, but i so feel your pain, I would have done that, glad you spotted it before you handed it over!!! x

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