Saturday, 11 January 2014

Spring Carnival

I'm the sort of person that can't sit still and just watch TV. It drives my Husband & Kids mad. I have to be doing something either, flicking through a magazine or better still sewing. 

Lately I have been EPPing! 

I took Katy's class at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London in way, way back July and loved it! I started this cushion at the retreat.

and then started another one using our Riley Blake Bundles and some solids.

Which I made into a mini quilt which is hanging in my sewing room. I've also finished another one for my sister Natalie, I gave the finished top to her to turn onto a cushion.

I have started on a Christmas one using the scraps Natalie had left over from her Riley Blake Christmas quilt but only had enough to make one circle so I cobbled together the remaining scraps and made this cushion.

It's was the first Christmas decoration to be put out this year (well after my son put his Christmas Tree up in his room on the 18th November!)

I've got the EPP bug well and truly now and am starting a new EPP project for 2014, this time I'm having a go at the Georgetown Carnival pillow (page 196) in this book, but scaling it down a bit. 

Happy EPPing!


Canadian Abroad said...

Looks like you are on a roll. I too cannot sit and watch telly. My husband gets particularly irked when I reply to emails the whole time. Efficient use of time say I. Men! What do they know?! ;-)

heart of charnwood said...

I agree, I struggle to sit and just do nothing, loving your little EPP mission, keep going, I can't wait to see your next project :o)

Flying Blind... said...

I have that addiction/habit too. xxx

pennydog said...

Yep me as well, I frequently get asked if I'm even watching what we have on and sometimes I am guilty of having to ask OH to rewind it (I have TiVo thankfully) if I miss something- I watch a lot of dramas and crime sort of things so if I miss something it can mean I don't get the ending!

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