Tuesday, 5 November 2013

FQR London..... a finish!

One of the classes I took while at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London earlier this year was Paper Piecing with Joanna and Julianna. I have never tried Paper Piecing before but really wanted to give it a go as I have seen so many fantastic patterns created using this method. 

I did find I quite challenging, I think it has something to do with following instructions and planing ahead. I'm not very good with either, I tend to rush ahead with the fabric choices in all of my sewing, which could be why I end up with so many WIP's!

However a few weeks ago I decided to pull out the unfinished typewriter panel and have another go. 

I'm calling it a success.

Some of the bits don't meet where they should and I had to unpick quite a few seams once I realised I had put the wrong fabric in a few crucial spots but overall I'm pleased. 

The biggest cock-up I made was in pulling away the paper at the end, again no patience! I should have just sat and carefully removed them. Instead I ripped and yanked resulting in me having to re-stitch a few of the seams. Then I had the bright idea of soaking the whole thing to make the paper softer and easier to rip.... bad idea. The ink from the pattern soaked through in a couple of places and I now have a nasty line running down the body of my typewriter, but you live and learn. I won't be making that mistake again.

The panel now hangs on the wall in my little sewing room and I love it. Who know's I may even give paper piecing another go?


heart of charnwood said...

Well i think it looks fab, great work, and well done :o). x

Becca said...

That's absolutely brilliant, well done. I'm going to pin this on Pinterest immediately, this is definitely on my to do pile. Perfect fabrics too

Strawberry Patch said...

It's wonderful and not an easy block to start with. Mine is still waiting to become something!

Canadian Abroad said...

It is a brilliant finish and I love your fabric chioces for it. They work perfectly!

Lindsey Latimer said...

That is SO brilliant!

Indianna said...

Those fabrics look just right on this....and it's not an easy pattern.

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