Monday, 7 October 2013

Bundles Galore.

As part of our preparation for the Quilt Show at Malvern we have begun cutting lots of Fat Quarters. While I was doing so I decided that we needed some bundles putting together for the shop. 

So far we have listed these:

Which you can have in either Fat Quarters or Fat 1/8th's. You can find them both in the bundle section of the shop.

I also have these two ready to list

But I can't seem to do it at the moment, my brain has stopped working. I have been up since 4.15am to get my middle child to a school PE trip so I may just go back to bed and try again later. 

Tracey x


heart of charnwood said...

Those early mornings are a killer, go and have a little snooze, you'll feel better for it!

Flying Blind... said...

PE trip!?I hope it was worth it!
Lovely bundles xxx

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