Monday, 5 November 2012

Charming 'Oh Deer' by Mo Mo Quilt

My new 'Oh Deer' Charm Pack Quilt

I love charm packs, they make up really quickly and by adding just a bit extra they make a really nice size quilt.
All I used for this quilt is the following:-
* One 'Oh Deer' by Mo Mo Charm Pack
* One FQ in Enchanted Forest from the same range
* Approx 1/2m blue dots from the same range
* Approx 2m of cream solid

After laying out the Charm pack I just added 2 1/2" strips between each square and then joined them with a full width 2 1/2" strip.
For the back I used the full FQ as I love the pattern and then added 2 1/2" strips again and extra solid at the sides to make up the size.
All I need to do now is decide how to quilt it!


Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh its lovely - great colours. I met you at the Quilt show a few days ago - we were the group from Solihull - dont forget to let us know when you set up the coffee mornings!

Pin It and Stitch said...

Hello and thank you, I will let you know as soon as we sort anything out with the coffee mornings! I think we're doing one last show this year in Harrogate at the end of november if you girls fancy another trip out!

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